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Xcaret Mexico is an area that offers some of the country’s top-rated attractions for visitors to Riviera Maya and Cancun. Xcaret park (pronounced ‘ish-ca-ret’) offers endless attractions to everyone whether they seek thrills or relaxation. There, you will be able to do everything from exploring Mayan ruins to snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and various other exciting water activities.

You should also consider staying at the Occidental Xcaret Hotel and Resort if you’re planning a visit to this thrilling place. Read on to find out more about how to get to Xcaret Riviera Maya, and when to visit Xcaret park, as well as which hotels to stay in, and what the Xcaret prices are like.

How to get to Xcaret in Cancun

Getting to Xcaret park is simple and easy. Depending on how fast you want to get there and also on what your budget is, you can either use the bus, taxi, or your own car. The most affordable way to travel is by bus, but it takes about two and a half hours. It costs between $2-$3 USD, and you have a choice between ADO and Mayab Autobuses, both of which have regular departure and arrival schedules.

If you decide to get to Xcaret adventure park by taxi, it will take you half the time the bus takes, but it costs significantly more (almost twice as much as the bus). But if you are going in your own car, then you’re looking at about an hour’s drive from Cancun to the park. Although this is a flexible way to travel in terms of departure and arrival times, it is also the most costly means of getting to Xcaret.

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When To Visit Xcaret Riviera Maya

Now that you know how to get to Xcaret, it’s time to discover how to time your visit so that you experience the best that this place has to offer. The Park is open every day of the year, which means that regardless of when you’re planning your visit to Xcaret Riviera Maya or Cancun, you will be able to visit the Xcaret eco park.

Xcaret Tickets Best Days

The Xcaret prices remain more or less constant throughout the year, although the cooler months are undoubtedly going to be less crowded than the summer months. According to information on the park’s website, Saturday and Sunday are two of the best days to visit the park because that’s when most guests from Occidental Xcaret Hotel and other resorts arrive and depart.

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Where To Stay | Xcaret hotel Mexico

There are tons of places to stay near and around the park, including the Occidental Xcaret Hotel and Resort. Having said that, it’s important to note that the vast majority of people visit Xcaret on a tour. The tour includes everything from park entry fees to hotel pickup and drop-off which makes it the most convenient way to visit Xcaret for most people.

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Xcaret Resort

If you’d rather go it alone, then after you’ve decided when to visit Xcaret, get the complete experience in pleasure and leisure by booking your stay at any one of the many hotels and resorts that grace the Riviera Maya stretch.

Xcaret prices for hotels vary according to which hotel you choose, ranging from standard accommodations to luxury 5-star resorts – all of which are situated conveniently close to the Xcaret eco park.

Theme park. You can choose from the major resorts that offer all-inclusive packages, to the small, charming B&Bs if that’s more your style.

Some of the most popular Xcaret hotel in Cancun include:

  • The afore-mentioned Occidental at Xcaret – Hotel Xcaret
  • Dolce Caribe B&B
  • Sandos Playacar Beach Resort
  • Iberostar Tucan Hotel

Booking a tour is the absolute easiest and most reliable way of ensuring that you have the best possible trip. From where to go, how to get there, where to stay, what to eat, see, and do – everything is taken care of for you so you can focus on the more important aspects of your trip such as relaxing and having fun.

If you’re planning to visit Xcaret Cancun then click the link below to get the absolute best prices! We offer the perfect tour packages so you can experience in the best and most convenient way possible.

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Xcaret Mexico is an area that offers some of the country's top-rated attractions for visitors to Riviera Maya and Cancun.
Xcaret Mexico
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